Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some good rules to follow.


-team spirit
-fenders, courtesy flaps and booties
-Belgian beers
-frame pumps and patch kits
-echelons in the crosswinds
-28mm wide tires
-vintage jerseys
-a desire to ride on gravel
-good sportsmanship
-helping a teammate out with a wheel change
-appreciation for the fantastic roads we get to ride on
-being responsible for your own actions
-plucky attacks when you shouldn't
-riding to, racing and riding back from all 3 banana belts
-sense of fun
-riding long miles all winter


-racing like it is the world championships even though it is feburary
-race bikes that might break if you crash
-racers who take themselves too seriously
-broken bikes without a tool kit or patch kit
-silk tubs (unless you are Roger De Vlaeminck)
-people who don't like good espresso
-dh pads
-Belgian cocaine (but fast cars are OK)
-listening to phish or grateful dead to get pumped for a ride
-not being able to jump shit on your road bike
-not starting at a cafe with good coffee
-not riding all winter

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